Around The World Today Series 4 Episode 3

Feb 2021 Around The World Today Series 4 Episode 3 By Terry D

Hello and Welcome to Series 4 Episode 3 of Around the world to Day with me Terry D.

Terry D Talks It Is February 2021 Here are some of the Headlines this Month well today 1.South Africa halts Oxford jab 2. Queen ‘lobbied to hide wealth’ 3. More heavy snow forecast 4. Probe into extremist groups 5. Flood kills 14 in India 6. ‘Credible case’ of Uighur genocide 7. Chains call for level playing field 8. Elderly rebel on TV licences 9. Meghan ‘eyes up politics’ 10. Brady stars in Super Bowl The Welsh Conservatives at it again this Time making out the UK Troops Sent to Wales by Westminster is a extra for us When there our own Troops to. So I said this you do under stand that Wales is in the United Kingdom and Is British. so Welsh/British Armed Forces assisting Welsh Government and UK Government what is there Role and Job.

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