Around The World Today Series 4 Episode 2

Jan 2021 Around The World Today Series 4 Episode 2 By Terry D

Hello and Welcome to Series 4 Episode 2 of Around the world to Day with me Terry D.

Terry D Talks about COVID-19 and It's been a year since cases were reported in the UK.

It was a Wednesday afternoon when a 23-year-old Chinese national called the NHS 111 phone line from his hotel room in York city centre. The University of York student, known in medical journals only as "B", was suffering with a fever, a dry cough and muscle pain. His 50-year-old mother, "A" - who had flown to the UK from Wuhan, in Hubei province, a week earlier - was also feeling unwell with a fever, cough and sore throat.

When she arrived in the UK, coronavirus had spread from the Chinese province to countries including Thailand and the US, with some 500 confirmed cases and 17 dead. On 23 January - the day patient A landed in the UK with the student's father - Wuhan and its population of 11 million people, became the first in the world to enter coronavirus lockdown.

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