The World of Disability - Changing SSRIs & Mental Health

Feb 2021 The World of Disability Changing SSRIs & Mental Health By Terry D

Changing SSRIs & Mental Health

Terry D Talk about Mental health and the importance of Talking to people and Reviewing Mediation and Mental Heath with a GP.

Ways to Listen

For me this song kind of explains how I feel on a few things in my life.

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has I said in the Podcast sometimes I feel darkness those day are less and less but only when I am in a good place but the Road that we take we do not always have to be right oven on traveling along the same direction or even in the right direction and do you want to know something sometimes a person who is at a Cries point or even not just wants to be asked HOW ARE YOU? and the person coming back to them actually cares for a reply.

I find that the Road I am on now is a good road but I do worry with the Covid -19 way of life right now seeing and will continue to see a rise in personal Mental Health Cries this after all is the Pandemic of the Pandemic. for me I now like a year ago and even before that just pick up a set of Headphones and Take a walk or a bike ride and I prayer as for me 1.Peter 5.7 "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you." So I like to tell god my worries and problems and we seam to always come up with a solution. well I think that Prayer also helps with my Mental Health because I see It as a gift you know has its apart of my disability and I class this as a gift from God well it is not many of us in the world can say you get to experience life with a brain-based motor disorder. It affects fine and gross motor skills, motor planning, and coordination. It's not related to intelligence, but it can sometimes affect cognitive skills.

why some say well from having this condition means god singled me out to live my life with dyspraxia than with out this is a gift you know even in the bad and dark times I just feel we forget to say with mental health likes disability can be a gift but I know it can also be one of the biggest retches of your life. this why to be being able to talk to God to take that time out to take stock of a life and to also thank God for life is important to my Mental Health. now I know that but that is not a simple thing for all to come to Jesus but there are other ways to stop and take a moment there is Yoga, walking, running, Bike Riding, Sleeping (Dreaming Helps).

If you are going Though a Mental Health Cries of your Own below are some Links to help you.

Mental Health Wales

the Samaritans

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