Around The World Today Series 3 Episode 15

Updated: Aug 10

Aug 2020 Around The World Today Series 3 Episode 15 By Terry D

Hello and Welcome to Series 3 Episode 15 of Around the world to Day with me Terry D

So you have a Book and a Film telling the same story or plot and before you watch the film you read the book and you form your own judgments then you sit down and start to watch a Film or Mini Series Like I said I was talking about the Bible and the mini series mini Series is that 1977 Tv Mini Series Jesus of Nazareth but then It got me thinking to others things so what some would say the more practical things so how people can see the exact same thing it 2 different forms of communication so taking this in to account look at big media you can be given a story in the media so the company Reach Plc they own the Daily Mirror and the Daily Express now these 2 news papers have totally different type of readers but the same news. Just told in a different way.

Ways to Listen

So what has been going one over the last few months June well I turned 33 and Hong Kong’s civil rights has been taken away we wait a second here because I bet we can find Hong Kongers who are getting the same information the same laws but then you person one being against china’s security law, and person 2 being pro being what really you Have is 2 people from the same place just with different points of view but the 2 people are still Hong Kongers so lets look closer to where I am Wales and Being British

What we have that I am Terry and yes I am a Very Proud Welshman but I am also a Proud British Person now here we are not talking about the arguments for or against Welsh independence (I am still adding this up) this is more of a reflection on how I have seen the last few years with the media and even the P word (Politics).

So Wales the land of my Forefathers the land of red dragons and sheep and even Castles and Churches if you have never been to wales you really do have to come visit and I will stake a bet that you will fall in love with wales. So what I am saying is that what makes us a grate sometimes are those differences of opinion but it doesn’t make less welsh or less British or in the case of Hong kong and China all im going to say here is look at who the loyalty is to the Communist party or Country in my opinion again no political party are the people of the country in most cases even in a Unitary Marxist-Leninist one-party socialist republic you are serving a persons view of nation and once again every person is born with there own brain and even there own thought process shall we look at what happens to its those who follow the party line in some cases or as in the United Kingdom and there United state its those who follow the populists seam to be there worse at looking after the publics health who would of thought hay.

At the moment when not only in the world do we have a pandemic we have the world kicking of about the Hard left Donald trumps reelection so he hopes and most of the world are like come on America wake up this man is impressing you as a nation. So yea I have hidden disability and society somehow thinks that I or other disabled have a lack of understanding but hay sociality has been wrong many times before so come on America even Trumps niece as come out and said she thinks he is a DICK! And she should know after all our family have our blood and DNA and to a point the same tenancies.

Again In ones opinion the United kingdom is no better than the united states or shall we changed that from the UK to England we have a man here that is and no good and I do not know if it because both Trump and Johnson are from New York or that both of them have never really had to lead what we would call a normal life and have seen the homeless and the sick both have had the chances they had from there family’s personal wealth now to me it has its good and bad points. I think here what I am trying to say is that yes there are many differences.

So with COVID 19 and seeing how there is a difference in Governing so has you are aware right now in the UK we have something called devolution

I see this as a bit of a hash in the terms of places like Australia, Canada and yes you probably Thinking to your self what about the country where the Orange one is the president of I haven’t for got but the two places I have named have. Something in common with the UK and that’s they share the same head of state and even to a point the same law And we are members of the Commonwealth and we have to Remember that until 1900 Australia was administered from west minister for all laws. So even after all this what would say makes a good Citizen so the on the 30th July I opened my bible a day app and the Reading opening up with a question and I want to ask you that Question.

How to be a good citizen?

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