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Podcoasts By Real Terryo

Podcasts By Real Terryo Radio

Podcasts By Real Terryo Radio Follows one simple rule and that is


"Making the world a Smaller place with the use of the internet"

and with this at the forefront of creating exciting new Podcasts that you can Listen to on to your computer, Mobile, tablet and catch up with your Favourite Podcast By Real Terryo Radio when ever you want across the world.

Around The world Today

Around the World to day is a Podcast by real terryo hosted by Terry Davies that looks at News & Politics from all over the world and picking out a underlline topic to talk about each episode

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Dick Batchelor

Dick Batchelor has just married his 34th husband Gupta and Dick Batchelor has also started working for the family business Batchelor brothers Limited running a Department store chain a small travel company with a airline and cruse ships, and the Family Hotel business around the world of small 5 star hotels.  We will spend time with Dick, Gupta, Jase Stones and some other family and friends of Dick Batchelor along the way.

the world of disability

The World of Disability we will be talking about a range of topics that effect people with disabilities. The topics will be chosen by the admin team on the suggestion of our Group members. Real Terryo will also be posting news articles about disabilities around the world. 

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